TAC Research Tools

TAC's tools are intended to assist in the understanding of complex relationships found in tribal societies, especially those in transitions that lead to conflict. These tools range from a recently release "Guide to the Analysis of Insurgency" to modified "Nolan Graphs" superimposed on to X-Y Axis Graphs to illustrate tribal relationships that are difficult to understand in any other manner.

Nolan Graphs

Durrani Tribes:  Zirak vs. Panjpai
Tribal Cohesion as a Stability Factor
Ethnic Group Orientation
Internal Tribal Dynamics:  The Alizai
Ethnic Group Orientation
Durrani Orientation Toward Insurgency



McCormick's Mystic Diamond
Guide to the Analysis of InsurgencyGuide to the Analysis of Insurgency
John Boyd's OODA Loop

Steffen Merten's Visualizing Aspects of Identity and Influence Through Geostatistical Analysis

A Rural Development Team Program

Guide to the Analysis of InsurgencyCounterinsurgency